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Integrity is Everything

My Work

My Work

Welcome to my showcase! Here you will find a collection of some of my best work in sound design, game audio, audio post-production, dialogue editing, and audio editing. Each project is unique and showcases my passion for creating immersive and otherworldly soundscapes that transport the audience to new and exciting worlds. From atmospheric indie games to high-budget animations and movies, my goal is to bring a fresh and unique perspective to every project I work on.

Sound Design

Sound Design

In the world of media, sound design is a crucial element that helps to bring a story to life. As a sound designer, I am passionate about creating unique and immersive audio experiences for games, animations, and movies. From otherworldly soundscapes to atmospheric sound effects, my goal is to make sure that every sound I create enhances the overall experience and takes the audience on a journey they won't forget.

Game Audio

Game Audio

Game audio is an essential part of the gaming experience, and it can make or break the immersion factor. As a sound designer for games, I understand how important it is to create audio that not only sounds great but also adds to the overall gameplay experience. From sound effects and background music to voiceovers and interactive audio, I am dedicated to crafting a cohesive audio world that draws players into the game and keeps them engaged.

Audio Post

Audio Post-Production

The post-production process is where the magic happens in the world of audio. As an audio post-production specialist, I am skilled in bringing all of the elements of a soundtrack together to create a cohesive and polished final product. From mixing and mastering to sound restoration and Foley work, I have the expertise to take your audio project to the next level.

Crazy Bits
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Ghost Bells
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Music Composition

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Music is a powerful storytelling tool, and as a music composer, I am dedicated to crafting unique and evocative soundscapes that capture the emotion and tone of your project. Whether it's a soaring orchestral score or a minimalist electronic track, I have the skills and experience needed to create music that enhances the overall experience and draws the audience deeper into the world you've created.

About Me

About Me

Childhood Favorites: Games I Grew up Playing

I have been captivated by the power of music, sound, and video games since my childhood. Growing up in the '90s, I was deeply fascinated by the sound effects and music in games, animations, and fantastic movies

Driven by my passion, I embarked on a nomadic journey to learn and chase opportunities in music.

I honed my skills and expanded my expertise in sound design and engineering for games, films, and animation. I firmly believe that inspiring and well-designed concept art that supports atmosphere and integrity is crucial to effective sound design.

My strong understanding of adaptive game audio and sound design, combined with my experience working with teams and people, has prepared me to tackle any challenge. I am proficient in Steinberg Cubase, iZotope RX, and familiar with the middleware and audio implementation. Additionally, my extensive experience as a music, dialogue, and field recorder has taught me the importance of attention to detail and quality.

I am confident in my audio understanding and skills, and I am committed to working in impressive, strong, and harmonious contexts to reach my full potential. Whether it's creating captivating soundscapes or collaborating with fellow artists and engineers, I am always eager to push the boundaries and create something extraordinary.

Games That Captivated My Senses

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